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Do i need an electrical certificate for certain jobs?

I would like some minor jobs doing, and am not sure if they come under the 2005 regs, ie if I need them doing or certifying by a competent person. The tasks are:

Replace plug sockets (all located indoors)
Replace light fittings (located in the living room, kitchen and hallway)
Replace an exterior light
All of the above are existing fittings, not new ones

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Replacement of exisitng accessories such as switches, sockets and light fittings do not require an electrical safety certificate for installation, however it is highly recommended that such activities are carried out by a competent person.


Answered 18th Dec 2012

Would always recommend to get an electrician in, but if the products are like for like replacement then any one can do it who is competent.


Answered 18th Dec 2012

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