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My meter and the fuse box were not up to date, what does this mean and what can i do?

I recently had a new electric meter fitted, the fitter said my earths between my meter and the fuse box were not good or up to date so needed attention ?
The electric is now on and everything seems fine, so what did he mean exactly and what do I do about it ?

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As long as they are as was at the time of instalation or last upgrade this was only being brought to your attention. You can leave any upgrade of your earthing facility till you have any electrical works done on your property then they can be upgraded as required at that time.


Answered 19th Dec 2012

If the main earth from the Main Earthing Terminal (MET) to your fusebox is undersize, then its definately advisable to get this uopgraded to 16mm asap.

Its unlikely, but a smaller diameter earth cable less than 16mm, may not be able to handle the fault current if a fuse or circuit breaker were to blow.

Its also worth having the earth boding to gas and water checked and if they are not at least 10mm diamter cables then these should be upgraded as well.

Please see link below to earthing and bonding;


Answered 11th Jan 2013

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