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Work experience required - free labour - newcastle

I have done a couple of painting jobs recently but would like to work with a professional in order to pick up some tips and techniques

Will work for free and will undertake any tasks. However, I believe I can be an asset to any job rather than a hindrance!

Work ex in plumbing and tiling also required

(In the NE6 and surrounding areas)

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just want to say respect ...hope someone gives you the opportunity...unfortunately im in se london so cant help you out ..good luck my friend ..


Answered 7th May 2011

Well done for getting yourself about and looking for work.
Unfortunately I am not any where near you, but I imagine there are quite a few tradesmen on this in the NE6 area, who may come on later and offer you something.
You sound really keen and honest plus willing to try anything, someone would have a bargain having you work for free.
I wouldnt expect anyone to work for free, and hope that anyone on here who may take you on doesnt either.
Best of luck.


Answered 7th May 2011

Same here ,all the best to you and people like you, hope someone will give you a chance, good luck from mastercraft in london


Answered 28th May 2011

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