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Bathroom shower

Bathroom shower doesn't seem to working as well. Its set to the highest setting and this seems provide warm water. We've noticed the water isn't as hot as it used to be. We have an electricity that shows a power draw of around 9-10kW when its in use, which I would expect at full power. Does this indicate a problem and is there away to verify a problem before I call someone out?

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It will be due to limescale from the hard water that has built up on the element inside the shower. It will need disconnecting and a thorough citric acid clean.


Answered 22nd Dec 2012

If you are drawing the right current then the shower is most likely operating correctly. Have you taken into account the cold weather which will affect the ability if the unit to maintain temperature at the same flow rate, i.e as the outside temperature drops so will the temperature of the incoming water supply. To maintain the same temperature from the shower head you will need to reduce the flow rate acordingly. This is the drawback on electric showers.


Answered 19th Dec 2012

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