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Electric light lounge, why does it reduce in power?

Why does the light reduce power? The bulb one minute full, then dims, then goes full.

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Possibly a faulty dimmer switch? Possibly a loose connection? Possibly a voltage issue on the supply network? - really need more information on type of light e.g. is it a normal hanging light with a single bulbe etc? Is there a dimmer switch fitted? does it do it when first switched on or does it happen after the light has been on for a while?

It would make more sense if its spotlights with MR16 bulbs, and would suggest a transformer fault.


Answered 17th Dec 2012

hi is emilio. is the light bulb energy saving and the light switch is dimmer switch . if yes the energy saving bulbs cant be on dimmer switch so you have te change the light bulb to the normal or the switch from dimmer to standart one /. please let me know if it helps .... or you may have loose conection


Answered 17th Dec 2012

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