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Hello. I have got a steel curtain pole with two round ends. Both the rounds end were secured with screw at the end of the pole. the screws need the smallest allen key available to screw them. Now one of the screws have gone missing, and round end is no longer secure on the end of the pole. I need to get a new screw. but clueless on what type of screw it is. the screw is essentially there to secure this round ball to end of the curtain pole, it doesnt actually screw into anythin, and need allen key for it. i do have an allen key for it. but dont know where to get the screw or the name of the screw. could anybody help here. You only have to look at your own curtain pole at the end of the pole, when the round end is, to find out what screw it is.Pls help.

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hi there

contact a company called Belgrave they make poles they will send you replacements or price and co is the other company that will be able to help

good luck


Answered 18th Dec 2012

Get some builders adhesive such as gripfill or pinkgrip and stick the end on if the other end has a screw and you have an allen key for it so one end will still be removable.


Answered 20th Dec 2012

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