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Hi. We have a cooker fuse on the new fuse box so I presume this is suitable for an electric cooker, we also have a socket/switch which appears to be a standard 45A cooker switch, but the 45A switch is connected to a 3 pin plug behind the cooker (currently gas), I presume this would only need to be changed for a cooker outlet where the cooker needs to be hard wird? Cheers

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In theory yes this is all that is required, although this is assuming that the cable is at least 6.0mm.

Please bear in mind that even though its a simple job of taking a socket front off and installing a cooker connection outlet plate, it still falls under Part P of the building regulations and therefore is notifiable to Local Building Control. This is because the work is within the kitchen. - see link below for more information

If you are planning on changing the socket yourself, please contact your local authority building control department and get consent to carry out the electrical work first, this way you will avoid any potential fines later! They will normally charge you a fee, and will call to inspect and test the job once completed. As such its probably a lot easier and cheaper to hirte a regisitered Part P electrician (e.g. NICEIC etc) and from what you describe, this sounds like a £30 job?

On completion of the job the electrician will test the circuit and issue a Minor Electrical Works Certificate and self notifity the circuirt alteration to building control.

Also please note that under BS7671:2008 the cooker circuit should now be RCD protected.

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Answered 16th Dec 2012

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