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Vaillant ecotec plus 837 - scheduling!?

Hi All,

I have had a Vaillant ecotec plus 837 installed but I am struggling to figure out how to use it properly!

I set up a schedule but the modes available are Automatic, Comfort and System Off.

Comfort seems to mean on all the time (which is nice, but I imagine my next gas bill is going to be quite big!). Automatic just seems to randomly turn on and off (and when I turn on automatic, the moon and sun logos seem to display wrongly, so moon during the day and sun at night! Very odd). Then obviously system off. But I would rather have my schedule, not sure if Automatic mode is meant to be using this, it doesn't seem to be.

There doesn't seem to be any useful information in the manual.

Can anyone advise?

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Have you set the timer wrong on a 24 hour clock, also why not have a new weather compensator installed, as this adjusts your system to the outdoor weather temperature and switched the heating on according to cold spells.


Answered 29th Aug 2013

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