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How can i stop condensation?


I have noticed that in my walk in wardrobe the wall how black spores on it. I purchased a humidity unit which has taken a lot of water out of the room. I have opened the window slightly for ventilation what else do I need to do. Should I use damp paint or what's the next steps.

I live in castleford how would it cost to put an air brick and would that solve the ptoblem

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hope i can help, you are doing the right things so far,
but i will start with the spores,black mould damp patches spots on wall , first thing these have to go people use bleech and other products but they will not kill the spores they will return,spores have to be killed use fungicidal wash part diluted with water or use neat allow 24 hrs before applying second coat, dont use damp paint as it will only hide your problem and act as a barrier,its got to be rid of completly,once treated with fungicidal wash ,paint with an acrylic eggshell this is the best paint for rooms with bad condensation,

I have decorated many homes with walk in wardrobes, have you a door on yours, if so you will need a vent top & bottom of the door, their are several at B&Q to choose from
they dont have to be big , this will help the air circulate in the room,
Hope my advise helps you

Lee, jeffersons painting & decorating


Answered 15th Dec 2012

Hi there
You are doing the right things,do not use a damp paint purchase anti mould paint this stops the spores from growing although you will still have the condensation so you still have to vent the room possibly have a extractor fan fitted


Answered 15th Dec 2012

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