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How to fix sunken drain inspection chamber?

I am buying a house and my surveyor has pointed out silting in one foul drain inspection chamber, probably due to slight subsidence of the ground around the chamber. I can see some waste has acumulated in the chamber's open gulley as it is the lowest point. It is there because of a 90 deg change of direction in the drain line.
I assume the only way to fix this is to completely re-build the chamber?
What sort of cost is likely to be involved in this? (the chamber is easily accessible at the top of a garden).
Chamber (manhole) is approx 0.6m deep and built of brick, with concrete render on the face.

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Hi, your most cost effective repair for this problem would to dig around the existing chamber and expose the existing pipe. Them demolish the defective brickwork chamber and replace with a plastic inspection chamber and back fill. All this work should be able to be carried out in 1 day so cost should not be to horrific £300 to £400.


Answered 3rd Jan 2013

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