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Is a fire door necessary when replacing an existing door between kitchin and garage(door is thru cavity wall)garage links our house and neighbours together?.Is it necessary to replace existing frame of door?|There is a step up from garage to kitchin.

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If there isnt a fire door and you are replacing the door , I would definetly fit one. The reason being that if a fire starts in the garage it will quickly spread into the house. If it was a new build property it would be a fire door. Iam not sure what spec you would need either a half hour fire door or an hour fire door, with our without intrumescent strips etc , check with your local building regulations department at your local council as the spec may vary. If the existing door frame is sound and undamaged you should be ok , doorstops must be fitted correctly for the fire door to work efficiently but building regs will let you know exactly what needs to be fitted to the frame and door. depending on which door is specified you can get a bog standard half hour fire door from Howdens for a very reasonable amount. Price wise it shouldnt take a trained carpenter too long to do. Hope this helps


Answered 16th Dec 2012

Yes definitely fire door, sorry but no pricing is permitted on this site


Answered 16th Dec 2012

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