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Advice needed on 'in home bar'

Hello I'm looking to construct a Home Bar in an upstairs bedroom. The measures I have at this stage are length; 1560mm, depth; 350mm and height 1000mm. The measurements for the room are length; 2440mm and width 2000mm. Are the measurements for the bar I want feasible for a room this size?

In terms of how the bar will look... as you walk through the door of the bedroom you the bar will be on the opposite wall. One end of the bar is to be fitted to the adjoining wall.

What type of wood is best to use???

How to I fit the bar to the wall??

What is the best construction advice that can be offered

3 Answers from MyBuilder Carpenters & Joiners

chocolate venneered ply for bar inners nice far eastern ply on out side lipping all edges with hardwood then french polished or laquered ,as for look and where that is down to your taste mate wot ever your happy with


Answered 7th May 2011

get a proffessional builder in is the best advice ,


Answered 7th May 2011

I agree with Substructure


Answered 18th May 2011

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