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How can I get into carpentry&joinery as a career age 35? Done a pt course at college which was good but nowhere near enough experience. Prob cant do an apprenticeship over 24. Can't get job without experience and cant get experience without a job! Dunno whether to go cold calling and work as a volunteer, or try and pay some1 to train me up as like the equivalent of an apprenticeship. Any advice much appreciated. Feel like Im groping in the dark!

**Thanks for your words Chris, exactly the sort of ideas I need; will try asking around generally to get the real-life experince and/ or as well as seeing if i can actually get an apprenticeship even if I have to fund it myself Cheerz :o)**

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Gee Steve, Well, if you have done some part time courses then at least your trying, I did a 3 year apprentiship , but as you say you need expeirance , and that might be hard to get, if you know a joiner, ask if you can do some unpaid work with him, that way he will be getting another pair of hands and you can pick up a few pointers here and there, it really is about doing the job , over and over again, getting to know your tools, and how wood works, ect, but I'm sure you will get there, good luck mate



Answered 12th Dec 2012

Hi Steve, just seen the question you asked mate I did three year at college on day realise course to get my qualifications, while I was at college I met a bloke in my class he was 33 years old and in the same boat as you he was paying for the course himself and was working for his friend as abit more experience. My advice would be to you just try get on with a friend or a friend of a friend get as much experience as possible you won't regret it mate.


Answered 2nd Jan 2017

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