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Front door problem

hi, ive a big gap in my front door and frame were the door has twisted slightly at the bottom half were it letting in a lot of draft its about 7mm in the deepest part any ideas how i could fill it with out spending to much ?

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Without seeing it, it is difficult to gauge how it is twisted. A solution of sorts would be some chunky self adhesive draft excluder fitted to the frame, you can get this from screwfix or toolstation. Its relatively inexpensive and will cut out the draft even as a stop gap just over the winter months. Not a proper long term solution carpentry wise but without seeing it this is all I can suggest.Once a door has twisted there isnt a great deal you can do with it .


Answered 11th Dec 2012

Hi You can fit a draught excluding system around the frame .
It is screwed on to the frame with a brush or rubber seal on a metal or plastic
strip. Available from ironmongers or similar.
Charlie Bates


Answered 16th Dec 2012

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