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Installing gas hob and gas oven from one gas pipe

hi i currently have a free standing gas cooker and ive bought a seperate gas hob and gas oven, ive looked at the current connection on my cooker and theres only one hose coming from the gas pipe into the back of my cooker, how would i be able to have 2 feeds coming from this gas pipe as im not sure if this is a simple job for a gas fitter or is it very costly, just wantwed a bit info before i look for somebody to do the job thanks

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If you think about it, virtually all houses with gas supply have one pipe going in to them. This is then teed off (split) to supply any and all gas appliances in the house. The only thing that could possibly be a problem is if the demand for gas...should all the appliances be on at the same time.....exceeds the amount of gas that can be delivered through the gas supply pipe. Any qualified gas fitter would check for this.


Answered 31st Mar 2014

hi im a gas fitter depending on you gas appliances you would just run a new supply to the new gas appliance and if any appliance was under gassed (not enough gas to supply them ) then you would have to upgrade the existing pipework to a bigger size ie normally 22 from meter would have to be 28 mm pipe to get the volume required


Answered 23rd Apr 2015

gas fitter will cut into the gas line and make a new connection to the gas hob using a rigid pipe and upgrade the connection for the gas oven .


Answered 4th May 2013

just tee the existed gas pipe, and use a rigid pipe to the hob


Answered 19th Jan 2019

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