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Wc float valve

Was asked to fix a WC float valve that after a few years, had started to drip at the valves outlet. The existing valve was a BS1212 type 3 (plastic) variety valve (the kind with a plastic arm and ball-float). The valve outlet was dripping. Initially, I ensured all components were tight & performed a visual inspection of the whole valve with no signs of wear or cracking. I changed the diaphragm, washer & valve seat of the existing FOV to see if that helped the dripping, but it only helped slightly. I ended up changing the whole valve for a complete new one. Again, the same problem; the outlet drips slightly, even when the adjustable arm is set at the right level, and it only stops if you physically press the pin. The incoming water supply is under mains pressure (and it is rather vigorous too.) I wondered whether too much pressure & it's overriding the valve? I have installed WC valves before with no problem. Can anyone help?

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Hi mate sounds like the pressure is pretty high. Did you fit the flow restrictor when you changed the valve as that would help. If you didn't try turning the pressure down a bit either at the stop cock or isolating valve


Answered 10th Dec 2012

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