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I have an end of terrace 3 bed house and am trying to decide if a conservatory or extension is the best option to give me more ground floor space. I have a 5x3 space to play with without taking too much off the garden. I want brick Walls either side so I can extend galley kitchen even if I have a glass roof and would like bi folding doors as the extn may make the garden seem short. My question is am I better off having a true extension ie tiled roof and bi folding doors or a conservatory glass roof, I'm also looking for ideas on budgets!!!!

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Conservatories are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter and you have to maintain an external grade door between the dwelling and the conservatory. Extension would be my prefered option.


Answered 29th Dec 2012


Surprised no-one has answered this yet!!

If it was me I would go for the extension and add space that you are guaranteed to use. You would need at the very least building regs for the extension which alleviates the problem of any old idiot throwing up a sub-standard conservatory leaving you cold in winter and boiling in summer!!!

If built properly conservatories can be excellent but until they bring in building regs there will be fools building them on 300mm footings and putting no insulation in floors and walls! At least with the extension an inspector will (or should) be out to check that the work is being done properly.

Its a sad way to talk but I have seen a lot of poor conservatories recently (had to demolish and rebuild 2 from scratch) and you cant be guaranteed that the builder you use will be any better!!

I cant really give you an accurate idea of cost as there are so many factors contributing to estimates but £20000 for 15m2 would be a good starting point.

If its an older house you own make sure that the builder uses a nice reclaimed brick to match the existing too as I have seen a lot of poor brick choices recently by half arsed builders.....

Good luck


R.Hughes Construction Ltd


Answered 13th Dec 2012

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