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Is something in my light fitting wired incorrectly?

I have a slightly strange issue, that I think was caused when my friend replaced a light fitting in my living room. Basically the hallway light does now not work when I flick the switch, however a certain combination of the hallway light switch and the living room light switch will cause both lights to come on dimmed. With the hallway light switch in the position it is now, the living room light works fine (I can switch it on and off)

Background: The main light in my living room is now a pendant, and as I remember there were a lot of wires that went into the fitting. I can find out what these are if it is required to solve my problem. There were definitely at least 6/7 wires though, I think even more than that.

There is one light switch in the living room, but this is a 2 way switch. I replaced the switch at the same time the light fitting was changed, so the issue could be here, but I have since tried every possible combination of wiring in this switch in case I got it wrong, and the problem persists. Hence why I assume the light fitting wiring is the issue.

Is something in my light fitting wired incorrectly? If so, is it something I can easily change, or do I need a spark to do this for me?

Any help appreciated


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yes your friend wired it up incorrectly get a spark to sort it out. the switch definitely is not the problem.

Answered 8th Dec 2012

kevin cassidy building contractors

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Yes your friend has definately caused this problem. At the lounge light fitting there are probably three red conductors and three black conductors. It is wrong to assume that all the reds go together and all the blacks go together. One of the blacks (the return switchline from the light switch) must be on its own and connect to the live side of the light. The three reds do go toghether but do not connect to the light fitting at all. The remaining two blacks go together and connect to the neutral of the light.

Once mixed up tracing the correct black that needs to be on its own, really needs the use of a test mester so its probably best to get an alectrician in who will sort it out in 10 -15 mins no problem.

Answered 9th Dec 2012

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Get an Electrician

Answered 5th Jan 2013

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