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I have just bought has now a catalogue of problems which would not have been seen on viewing for by inspector, do i have an recourse of action?

the house I have just bought has now a catalogue of problems which would not have been seen on viewing for by inspector. the boiler has problems (which I accept) but I have not been give the annual gas check or any gas certificate, nor have i received any electrical certificates. The kitchen cupboards were only held on the wall with 2 screws either side in the top right and left hand side of the cupboards and have now fell off the wall (all 3) smashing all the crockery, microwave, denting the fridge and pulling the plaster out of the wall. I have a seven year old son, who was not in, luckily.

I have asked the estate agents for the developers name, but they say they cannot divulge because of data protection! do I have an recourse of action

I am nervous of what else i might find, and assumed that I would be able to have some dialogue with the developer

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any certificates for the electrics or gas will be issued only if work has been done, by a professional, speak to trading standards if the house was advertised as refurbished, you MAY have some sort of legal protection, who was the vendor? your solicitor should know, good luck


Answered 8th Dec 2012

you dont say how old the house is but judging by the fact you want to speak to the developers am guessing its new, if so it should be covered by nhbc would calaloge all the problems and this this would be my first port of call.


Answered 8th Dec 2012

I assume you used a solicitor to buy this, they should have highlighted the lack of any certificates as they always ask the other side.


Answered 8th Dec 2012

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