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Asked a builder to look at a roof on a property i want to buy. the chimney is leaning and the roofspace is showing some signs of rot in rafters

I am buying a house. My roofer came back with this quote - is this good value?? It seems a lot. The chimney is leaning and the survey did suggest some rot in the rafters.


Supply and erect scaffolding to front elevation of main building with roof gantries to allow access for works to include all lifting equipment to carry out works to two no chimney stacks carefully take down chimney stacks, pots, flunching, brick work set aside rebuild in same design using salvaged London yellow stock brick with sail courses laid in sand cement and lime mortar mix. .

Strip out and replace broken tiles to both sides of roof supply and fit new tiles to stop water ingression.

Supply and fit cement fillets to all perimeter walls on main roof slopes in 3 to 1 sand cement mortar.

Internal timber works needed 8 no rafters to be supplied and fitted along side defective timbers and bolted.

Supply and fit 10 no purling supports braced back to back over support wall to include all fixings.


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no one could really tell u if its good value its something you would have to see i take it that the person you got quote from is substructure his answer is very rude and sounds very upset by your question


Answered 6th May 2011

Without looking I would agree with substructure, hes doing quite a bit of work for that price, and as said the scaffold doesnt come cheap.
If your unsure, then get a couple more quotes in, make sure they all have good insurance etc, then take it from there.


Answered 6th May 2011

of course its good value ,why do you think its a lot ,by the sounds of it the scaffold alone will cost 1k upwards ,theres a lot of labour involved in this job and old stocks are the most expensive on the market ,if you want it cheaper go to lidls or aldis


Answered 5th May 2011

this does not say what type of roof tiles are on the roof which will need to be stripped of to allow the work to proceed so there is a lot of work,

your best bet if you want an accurate quote is to post the job in the jobs section and get a few quotes from roofers in your area


Answered 5th May 2011

No experienced roofer would suggest cement fillets where a lead flashing should be sounds like you should call in the sherrif!
Scaffold is £18.00 per M2


Answered 23rd May 2011


Please could you provide the location of the house.



Caremore Construction Ltd


Answered 5th May 2011

sounds to me this house has got some problems ,why dont you buy a new house ,there should be a structural engineer involved in this sort of work,dont know if price is good or bad be wary using 2nd hand bricks in chimney.


Answered 22nd May 2011

Without looking very hard to tell , theres alot of damage risk with this type of job. I'd get another couple of quotes , But please bear in mind, a extra grand for the right person is better than paying twice to put right , allways insist on looking at other projects. And never pay ahead . Anyone worth dealing with can fund job


Answered 27th Apr 2020

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