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Building a new garage ?


I am looking into the logistics of adding a garage /ulitity area at the side of my house. No planning yet, but that won't be an issue as I had it a couple of years ago for a larger garage & kitchen extension. The site is currently used for shed, decking and greenhouse, so no foundations in place.

Looking at 4m wide with 5m length, but may be persuaded to go to 7m.

As far as I understand it building regs will be much easier if I just build a single skinned block garage to be rendered to match the rest of the house. In the future I might "convert" the back end to a utility room, rather than just a utility area.Pitched roof looks better, but as cost is an issue, will probably be a flat roof.

So, my questions:

1) Is there a guide £/sqm I should work on?
2) How long to build, weeks, months, year?
3) Will I have a problem with the washing machine not working in the garage, or will the services be Ok from frost?
4) Any other considerations you can think of?

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Hi if it was me I would build this garage out of sips panel ( structural insulated panels ) to building reg thickness with a epdm rubber roof ( made out of recycled Firestone tyres ) which has a 50 year guarantee , hoc can build this off slab foundation , aqua board and mesh outside then render nice and easy , waterproofed in the first day and would take no longer than 7 days to complete with not much mess , the sips panel have better u values than your normal brick and block so warmer so no probs with utilities freezing :)


Answered 10th Mar 2013


I would build a single storey extension with single skinned wall and double pier profile within this single skinned wall extension to support the structure wall.
Simple foundations to suit.
I would put a flat roof on with 3 later felt.
Render the outside wall, simple again. To match existing house.
Inside to meet building regs you would build a timber framed wall 50mm off exterior brick insulating with a medium density insulation (celotex/kingspan)
Creating a habitable room.
All knock through a to the house included, with appropriate fire rated door and frame, depending on how many levels the house has, no door and walk through opening would be fine. All thermal values to meet building control standards. Floors and ceiling aimsated accordingly.
All plumbing associated with the rads or washing machine run with no problems. All waste associated and run accordingly with no problems.
Approx time of job 4 weeks
Approx cost for external internal work -as a finished walk away job would be supply and fit £20,000- 25,000
Adding value to your house above the cost of the build.
A habitable space with minimal cost. As it would be a garage your building onto the side of the house. And converting it into a habitable space afterwards.


Answered 29th Nov 2017

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