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I am a builder i had elec done work done and building insp wanted a part p cert,can part p be for testing any elec work??

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I'm afraid that if you have hired a non registered part P electrician and the work has not been tested and certified you are in breach of part P of the builing regulations and could be liable for a £5000 fine.

Its not legal for another electrician to come in now and certify work that has been done by someone else. The only real options are i) rip it all out and get it rewired/redone by a registered part P electrician or ii) pay the local authority building control fees and get their inspector to test and inspect the work.


Answered 6th Dec 2012

Part P allows the electrician to self certify his own work. A Part P registered electrician can certify any work done by himself in a domestic dwelling and would normally need to be a member of a competent person scheme such as Elecsa or NICEIC.


Answered 6th Dec 2012

Plenty of builders do electrical work by themselves and not all do its wrong,some of them have knowledge and experience. But works which ones under part P building regulations must be done by approved electrician or you must notify Building control before you start and pay for application.Any way it is false economy, professional will do job by latest regulations and building standards.


Answered 8th Dec 2012

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