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Extractor fans vs positive pressure ventilation, which is best?

I have a condensation prone 1920's semi and would like to reduce the moisture on the windows in every room every morning throughout the winter.

I was considering fitting two humidity controlled extractor fans - one in the kitchen & one in the bathroom. But a damp surveyor told me a positive pressure ventilation system fitted above the stairs and blowing dry air into the house from the loft might be better.

The positive pressure system looks much more expensive (~£950 fitted), but don't both methods do pretty much the same thing - ie push out damp air and replace it with cold dry air?

Thank you, Joseph, for your very kind advice. I guess the first thing is to work out whether the problem is really bad or just minor. I will try keeping the bathroom door closed and get my cooker hood working plus the other advice you gave and see if that helps. Then make a decision on the fans/positive pressure bearing in mind what you said. Thanks again.

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Hi there
If the problem is really bad the you are better off fitting the positive pressure system as this will help control the condensation in the whole flat if yo just put humidity controlled units in kitchen and bathroom and it still does not cure the problem completely the you will still have to purchase the other system if you do go for the extractor fans just remember to keep the kitchen and bathroom doors closed and keep wet clothes off radiators and manage the moisture in the property keeping good ventilation when possible also helps if you have trickle vents in the windows,good luck
thanks for the reply


Answered 9th Dec 2012

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