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Do I need a structural engineer for loft conversion or just an archtic as is obey the rafters tat are being moved

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You will need an engineer to calculate the beams and joist for your loft for the building control to accept your works.


Answered 5th May 2011

If you employ a proper architect then they will employ the services of a structural engineer if one is required.

The main thing is to use a reputable architect.

Hope this helps



Answered 5th May 2011

Barry, I woiuld definately 100% advise you to seek the advice of a structural engineer, also the local authorities building inspector as he/she would most likely have to sign off on the works, that they are completed to the specification.
James Anthony


Answered 5th May 2011

What you need first of are the plans. Loft conversions don't alwways work out the way you think, sometimes they are not doable. When you've got the plans that you want, then you'll need calcs for the beams etc. for the building inspector. Now get the calcs done and add them to your plans.
It's specialist job, the engineer should have the right insurance.


Answered 6th May 2011

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