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New light fitting - do i need to bear anything in mind?

Need to replace light fitting in kitchen. Do I just buy any fitting and have an electrician fit it or are there specific things I need to bear in mind?

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Employ qualified electrician and get the job done right. Here could be only one problem if your lighting circuit has no earthing ( usually in old houses) .


Answered 5th Dec 2012

The main thing to consider in kitchens is the suitability of the light for the environment. If its a small kitchen and it suffers from condenstation or there is a lot of steam when cooking, then open type spotlamp fittings will be a bad choice due to the risk of the spotlights shattering and glasss fragments dopping onto the food preparation and cooking area.

You also need to bear in mind the flammability of the ceiling surface and the temperature rating of the light fitting. So itrs worth checking to see if the fitting you propose buying id marked as "F" Rated, i.e suitable for direct mouting onto a flammable/combustible surface.

Finally and most importantly, as part P of the builing regulations applies to the kitchen, any alterations to the lighting circuit need to be registered with your local building control and consent obtained in advance. They normally charge a fee for this (approx £200). Note: failure to get consent for part P notifiable works can result in being fined up to £5000.


Answered 13th Jan 2013

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