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Chimney sealed, is it safe?

We live in a rental property with a condemned gas fake fire stone thing in the fireplace. We recently had a pigeon come down the chimney and sit on top of the bit of cardboard that was blocking the chimney and asked if the landlord would consider putting a cap on the chimney to stop this happening again. A contractor came and rather than putting a cap on, took the chimney pots off (threw them down the chimney where they smashed on the fireplace and made a huge mess) and sealed the chimney completely at the top with cement. I thought this was a bit weird and am wondering if this is usual? So we now have an open fireplace with a broken gas fire and a chimney breast that is open at the bottom but sealed at the top - does that make sense?

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yes, you have a landlord who is only intirested in his rent


Answered 5th Dec 2012

It does make sense, but its not very good. As a land lord and a chimney engineer i am pretty shocked on both fronts.

If the fire is not in use, top should be ventilated, with a breather cowl or similar, and bottom either left open to allow air flow or sealed off with a vent to allow some air movement.

Shoddy landlord and shoddy contractor IMO!!!

Martyn Heywood.

Chimney Care and Repair.


Answered 17th Dec 2012

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