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Radiator not getting hot, how can i fix it?

HELP!!!! we have recently decorated the whole house and took off all the rads and painted behind them, we have them all working apart from one. the rad thats not working is directly below another thats hot. the pipe that runs down from the working rad is cold. I have tried blleding the rad, shutting off all rads apart from this one and still freezing cold. i am lost as to what to do next, anyone able to help?

I have already turned off all the rads apart from the one not working and also bled the rad still not working

Just a update, I took the TRV off and the pin is fine. There are no air locks as I have bled all the rads. Sorry anymore suggestions, the pipes are not even getting warm

Update number 2.
I drained the water out and the pipe and rad started to get warm, but after I stopped this the rad was cold again. Could one end of the rad be faulty? Anymore suggestions

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Hi mate sounds like its air locked. Turn off all the other rads in the house and that should push the air through.

If its got a TRV remove the head and check the pin is not jammed down. Sounds stupid but check both valves are on


Answered 4th Dec 2012

If you have a drain off on the pipework try draining water out to drag the heat to the rad. If you don't have a drain off get a bucket and open the air vent plug and allow the water to run into the bucket until it gets warm. Hopefully this will get the heat to the rad and once its there it should be able to find its own way back.


Answered 6th Dec 2012

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