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Bay roof inside posts leaking

hi we had new windows fitted 7 months ago,they get wet on the inside posts both up and downstairs bay,i can run my fingers down the posts and its wet i have to put a bit of tissue at the bottom to soak water,i also have condensation on windows about 3 to 4 inches high when cold weather,also white filler on frames now going black,window company said never seen anything like it must be your bay roof,if it is fair enough well need it done,but is he telling the truth as every penny counts at the moment,i must admit we never had this problem with old windows,can a leaking bay roof cause this.the house is about 75years old,also how much would i expect to pay to get bay roof done many thanks jen

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Firstly ind out if the DGU's are Argon filled. That is colder than air filled units and shows condensation more when it is present.

Get the firm to check the tip to tip lenght od the clip bead they have used. If it is too tight, it is distorted and letting in the outside air. That is where you might be getting this from.

A check you can do yourself before you ring them is to light a candle, blow it out, then see where the rising smokedoes not rise vertically.

You say you never had this with the old bay, so that suggests the firm have done something wrong with this installation. Do not be fobbed off. Seek redress either through their trade organisation if they are in one, or see your local CAB or Trading Standards for advice. Good luck!


Answered 12th Dec 2012

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