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Fire hoods

Do i need to fit fire hoods to my downlighters(low volt) 20 watts and 50 watts in my house.They are not fire rated and are in my kitchen,hall,landing and bathroom.
I also have them in my single story extension(insulation was removed well away from fittings.Should i put hoods on or replace with fire rated.House electrics need to pass a p.i.r (periodic inspection sign off)type thing(sorry!}
Thanks for any replies

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Non-Fire Rated spotlight fittings are lethal! Take a look at the video here;

Also this leaflet and website are both worth a read;

As smoke hoods are both expensive to buy and very difficult to fit properly, your best solution is to install building regulation approved Fire Rated Spotlights. Typically these are around £10 - £20 each depending on the style.

In addition the electrical connections need to be fully enclosed inside proprietary junction boxes and so if there are any connector blocks that are currently just taped up with insulation tape, these will need to be sorted at the same time.

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Answered 3rd Dec 2012

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