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Can i fit wall units onto a plasterboarded wall?

I am trying to fit Ikea kitchen myself. the walls in the kitchen are very uneven. so they were covered with plasterboards. where I planned to fit wall units there is a gap about 7 cm between plasterboard and wall and the wall itself - just bare bricks.

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I have fitted many wall cabinets on plasterboard (including my own) and if you use metal plasterboard fixings (not butterfly bolts) you will have no problems.
I would agree though that there must be some type of studwork between board and wall. Whether you hit these or not is a matter of pure luck.
Just join all cabinets together, they will stay on the wall!
Plasterboard fixings are called Driva.


Answered 13th Jan 2013

Hi,from your description of having a 70mm void between plasterboard and wall I would assume the plasteboard must be attached to timber/metal studwork otherwise the boards would be just "flapping about ".
I would definitely NOT just use longer screws however,as that would just cause the boards to tear when any weight would be placed into the cupboards !!
What you should be doing is cutting out the plasterboard between the vertical studs where the wall fixings for the cupboards are to be placed,and screwing a horizontal stud between the verticals to fix to then replacing plasterboard.
If you dont fancy that,just cut a piece of min 12mm plywood board the same size as your cupboards and fix it to the studwork and use the ply as your fixing material thereby spreading the weight of the cupboards over the wall and NOT expecting the plasterboard to take any weight at all.
Best of luck


Answered 21st Dec 2012

Pigs tails! Lol best fixings for plasterboards


Answered 17th Dec 2017

Yes u can if u use longer screw and plugs.


Answered 1st Dec 2012

Hi i have fitted many kitchens to plasterboard walls if you use the right fixings you will be ok all the best.


Answered 16th Jan 2013

Yes you can no problem. I have used many types of fixings on kitchens and they’re all still up!


Answered 2nd Jan 2022

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