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Can you place plastic decorative wall panel sheets over existing plastic wall sheets?

Hi my bathroom has plastic wall panel things all the away round (they look like marble). if i wanted a different look could i just put new wall panels on top or do they have to be removed?

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You could fit new panels to the other panels, but its not recommend to do that.
its always best to remome the old.


Answered 30th Nov 2012

Always remove any type of material from the substrut , for best results,


Answered 2nd Dec 2012

I am tired of replacing these panels sold as shower panels,(insurance claims) They are not suitable for showers as they are not 100% waterproof, no matter how good they are fitted with silicone in the tongue and grooves, they expand and shrink allowing moisture to enter. remove them all and treat your walls where water had damaged them, use a board like Multi panel or similar in a shower then the plastic everywhere else,if that your preference. Fitting over the top is just a temporary pleasing to the eye measure, it will come back and haunt you.


Answered 31st Dec 2012

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