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New build- when does plumbing come in?

We are doing a new build and need to know when the plumbing comes in. Does the kitchen and bathroom need to be fitted first? Does the plumber do a 1st and 2nd fix, like an electrician? Does the plumber have to wait for the property to have complete water connection if they do it all in one? (Silly question but just checking!)
Thanks very much, Cassie Watts

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The plumber will need to first fix ahead of any plastering works,its not a problem to do this before full water connection as its still possible to temp cap open ends and presure test the system to check for leaks. We usually carry out plumbing first fix before electrical as its easier to bend cables than pipes....
Hope this helps
Dan Lewis


Answered 14th Jan 2015

The plumber will need to know the full design of any system to be installed. They will be able to help you to design a system that is tailor made to meet your personal requirements. They will need to first fix along with the electrical fist fix after joists and studs are installed. The kitchen and bathroom must be carcassed before any plastering is done or units are fitted. Underfloor heating must be carcassed before any screeding is done and soil work on stack pipes has to be fixed before plaster boarding or boxing is commenced. Would be happy to give you any of the heating/plumbing advice you require.


Answered 15th May 2011

Hi there,the plumber/heating engineer will do a first & second fix with an extra visit inbetween to install any baths,shower valves & trays to allow tiling to be completed
hope this helps..


Answered 4th May 2011

yes,the plumber has to do a first + second fix and is done at the same time as the electrician before any floors are laid and ceilings boarded up as they both need access to the floor joists,you will need to have planned your kitchen with regard to the siting of appliances/cooker/washing m/c/dishwasher/fridge,regards Terry.


Answered 4th May 2011

Hi cassie,
plumber will need to do 1st fix first;same as your sparky.



Answered 4th May 2011

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