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Brickwork dropping above 2 windows

Basically landing window and kitchen window - brickwork has slowly dropped over time which seems a common problem looking at all the other council properties in the area, it has clearly been 'roughly' pointed up before I bought the house 6 years ago and I'm thinking about getting it sorted, kitchen is slowly starting too. I was given 2no metal lintels a few years ago which can be used to go above the double glazed window units, I believe the dropping of the brickwork is down to the installation of the windows (however many years ago) and the brickwork was not adequatly supported, the landing window has recently developed a bit of a crack in the brickwork directly below heading downwards.

After a rough price involved as I do believe it makes a real mess on the inside of the property with plaster that will fall off and require replacing.

Also is scaffold required / ladder or a mobile working platform?


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Hi, houses used to be built without lintels just with reinforcement in old window frames. Many replacement windows have been done by removing the old (stronger) window frame and replaced with windows that have no reinforced frame. This sounds like your issue.

What I do is use an acro support with a strongboy - hire stations stock these. Then support above the window, remove bricks and insert a lintel 9mm angle iron 300 mm wider than the window opening. You will require a safe working platform, a ladder wouldn't suffice.

There is no need to alter the inside wall. unless the crack goes all the way through (more common on bay windows).


Answered 23rd Jan 2013

It sounds like you have no lintels above any windows a common problem on certain age houses.The inside will be supported with a formed concrete lintel so don't worry too much.All you need are right angle lintels that are 300mm longer than the opening or 6inches.This is a straight forward fix with the correct lintels and supports I.e acro props and strong issues with sub sidence at all...


Answered 4th Feb 2018

That sounds alot more like subsidance than anything else.If that is the case the problem is in the foundation.


Answered 30th Nov 2012

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