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What is a good cordless drill?

Hi There,

Can anyone give me some advise on what cordless drill is the best to buy? there seems to be such a large choice and a big price variance.
I would basically need the drill for all the jobs around the house from screwing in hinges to drilling holes into brick walls.
Ideally I would like to spend less than £150 but i am willing to spend more if that is what is needed.

Many Thanks

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Hi Gio
Makita BHP453RFX 18v Cordless Combi Hammer Drill , Lithium Ion 3.0Amp Battery

This is the best you can have .

is very quick to get charges and is very good on heavy job as I have the same .


Answered 29th Nov 2012

Im sure your question will trigger an avalanche of responses / opinions that will leave you even more confused.
They type of cordless drill you buy depends on your needs. The main things to consider are:
Weight (and is it a well balanced tool?)
How many batteries it comes with
Reliability / build quality

I personally buy DeWalt and Bosch ( both the green DIY range and the professional). In the past I purchased some cheaper brands (Black&Decker, Makita) but was left disappointed.
Don't be tempted by the cheap and heavy Ni-Cd, Ni-MH batteries but go for the latest Lithium Ion bat. powered tools. A drill that comes with two Li-Ion batteries would be perfect.
Furthermore if you are planning to use it to drill into masonry make sure it has a hammer action.


Answered 29th Nov 2012

Try Makita who provide quality screwdrivers in your price range. You will need a mains drill for any serious holes in masonry.The best drill will have a Li-on battery and the recharge time is important.Please check it before buying.


Answered 29th Nov 2012

I wouldn't use anything other than Makita.The best drills by a mile:)


Answered 29th Nov 2012

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