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Can i change the fuse myself?

I have had a power surge today from my dinning room light switch when trying to turn it on and it has blown the fuse in the main box, my house has been wired in zones so it has only blown all the down stairs lights and nothing else, I have removed the light switch taped it up i have also turned everuthing off and reset the rcd but still the fuse for the lights wont go back to on position so I am wondering if it is okay to change it or would i need a spark? the house is about 15 years old

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If you feel confident enough to remove the correct fuse and re-thread the fuse cartridge with a new piece of 5amp fuse wire then yes. Whilst its possible that the fuse blew due to a light bulb failing when a switch was turned on, it may equally have blown due to a more serious type?

Therefore if the fuse blows again it would be worth getting the circuit tested to check that it isx ok and there are no short circuits or damaged cables etc.


Answered 29th Nov 2012

How I understood, you have consumer unit with circuits breakers and one of them doesn't switching back after short current.
If you not sure, better employ qualified person because it need to do test before energize your circuit,and to change circuit breaker need follow safe isolation rules.
Remember! Electricity can kill.


Answered 30th Nov 2012

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