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My newly plastered ceiling has fallen down part 2

Sorry to bother you all again, but I did forget to mention something in my last post. Mr Josh Greaves came to my house to start plastering over my artex ceilings, he PVAd them, then had a little accident and put his foot through my loose floor board, he was not badly hurt but thank God, but went home. I had the decorator in to do some painting, the decorator by mistake painted over
the PVAd ceilings, I rang Josh Greaves and told him what had happend, so that he would re PVA the ceilings. Mr Greaves did not PVA again as he forgot and just went ahead and plastered over artex without any prep Mr Greaves is now trying to say that he did not know they had been painted, which is so untrue as I rang him and told him, plus it was more than obvious that fresh white paint had been used on those ceilings. The artex is still intact, it did not come down with the plaster. Oh and by the way Mr Greaves was not hurt in anyway, and did not have any loss of earnings, he told me he was back at work on the Monday, he put his foot through the ceiling on Saturday lunch time.

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hi Trisha your in the hands of the gods when plastering over artex to start with. You havnt said if just plaster came off or the artex came off with it. If its the artex too you've just been unlucky i've skimmed over artex loads of times with no problems. If it plaster plus paint (most likely) emulsion will just sit on top of dry pva, even if josh had pvad it again it would'nt have made any difference. Who's in the wrong? probably your decorator who made a genuine mistake as they wouldn't paint a ceiling they did'nt have too.Although you should be more concerned about weather josh will claim for injury and and loss of earnings from you (loose floorboard) rather than who's to blame.


Answered 29th Nov 2012



Answered 29th Nov 2012

Agree with total residential property services. Plastering over artex is tricky business.


Answered 30th Nov 2012

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