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Newly plastered ceiling has come down, who is to blame?

Tradesman to tradesman question here.
I went to plaster a ceiling not so long ago and after PVA'ing the ceiling I went through the floorboards on the landing area upstairs. I decided due to the floor boards I would go away and come back when they were sorted, the customer failed to mention the floorboards were dodgy and that she already had someone coming to sort these out!!
Anyway, returned later to plaster the ceilings, floorboards now fixed. Plastered the ceilings, got paid and left the job and a very happy customer. My phone rang approx 8pm the following night, the ceiling had fallen down (just the new plaster). She later told me that the ceilings were painted by the decorator before I plastered them. He also painted the ceilings only 13 hours after I had finished plastering them too.

Whos fault is it? I carried the work out correctly to my knowledge to then be told later that someone had painted over the bonding that I had prepped the ceilings with before hand. You'll be able to see the negative feedback left by the customer on my profile.

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You say you prepped the ceiling with PVA and then it was dec' should PVA around a hour prior to skimming and apply the plaster when its tacky and not the next day or days after, if this is the case then Im afraid its down to you.also Ive never seen a skim coat ready for painting after 13 hours...but this would not have affected the adherense of the skim coat to the ceiling,,this is all in my opinion.


Answered 30th Nov 2012

Hate to say it - but if plaster falls off its down to the plasterer. Should have applied PVA 5:1 and let dry, then PVA 3:1 and then plastered when tacky. Never had a problem skimming over artex this way.


Answered 3rd Dec 2012

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