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Ho much would it cost to move a hotwater tank and boiler from the kitchen and how easy it is to do?

We are thinking of having a 2 storey side extension on a 1930's semi. The hot water tank and boiler are currently in a cupboard in the kitchen on the wall we want to remove to create the side return. We are working on idea of 1k per sq m, but what additional costs would moving the tank and boiler incure and where should we be thinking of putting them? We live in South East, if that helps with the rough estimate. Thanks

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by your description i asume that you have a standard boiler and tank(not a combi),as you are thinking of extending perhaps now would be the time to change to a combi boiler that way you would get rid of the tank and the new combi could be fitted inside a wall unit(providing it is on an outside wall),there would be minimal alterations to plumbing as all of the services are nearby,as for price I suggest you post a job to get quotes from tradespeople in your locality,hope this helps,regards Terry.


Answered 4th May 2011

hi there,if you have a combi boiler already we charge £350 to resite boiler & alter pipework,regards paul from vortex plumbing


Answered 15th May 2011

Hi there,you might be better fitting a new combi condensing boiler as you could have problems trying to relocate an existing boiler.....


Answered 4th May 2011

It sounds like you already have a Combi Boiler as you state in your description that your " hot water tank & boiler are in your kitchen " so it's highly unlikely that you would have an old immersion heater tank down stairs in the kitchen as there would be no hot water upstairs! If you do have a Combi the move would be quite straight forward and the approx. budget costs to relocate it would be £600.
Regards Gary - A1 Home Services Bolton Lancashire.


Answered 5th May 2011

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