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Which tradesman would i contact to build me a new step outside my front door?

I know this sounds silly but I want a new step built outside my front door and i'm not sure whether to post it under Stonemasonry, Driveways or Bricklaying! The current step is a really cheap one made out of 3 bricks with a slab on top, it's really easy to trip up it. I'm looking for something much more substantial. Thanks in advance.

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HI,i am a mason , and i would suggest a natural stone step ,for durabillity ,strength ,and a more natural look , .this will last as long as u live in the property and isnt the biggest job in the world .much more durable and asthetically pleasing than brick and slabs . it is a job for a proper stonemason in my opinion. This would generally be set, on a sand and cement bed , with possibly a [ d,p,c] damp proof course ,leaving less chance of any, water or future dampness penetrating the threshold.IF , you were so enclined you could maybe also put some kind of moulding ,or other detailed finnish on the step , maybe a droved or moulded arris ,or just a small bottle mould round the step , but this is only a personal choice ,but can look nice . But i would always put, atleast a 5ml wash on the step from the front to the back of the step ,for any rainwater to run away from the doorway. I hope i have swayd you into going for the natural stone ,which u can always get cheap from a salvage yard or maybe an offcut from a stone merchants. Yours robert watt.


Answered 2nd Nov 2011

hi i see your dilemna.. i think you would have most success in posting it in the bricklaying section say you want it to be much more substantial so i think this is the route to take ..good luck


Answered 4th May 2011

Hi vicky,
i would put your request in Bricklaying first.

If not much interest,then try Driveways or even Handyman but to be honest i think you would get more than enough interest for your job in the Bricklaying section.



Answered 4th May 2011

Hi, try your luck in landscaping and general building, might be someone in your area who can do this for you when passing during thier days work as its going to be a small job! Paul


Answered 4th May 2011

You either need a bricklayer/stone mason.
Although a good general builder could do it.


Answered 5th May 2011

if its a stone step you want then a stonemason would be better to ask as they will be able to source the stone you require They will also be able to cut the stone to size and set it on a solid base.


Answered 12th Jul 2011

Genraly it would be a bricklayer or stonemason you would contact but sometimes a handyman or garden landscaping/patio laying company will do just as good a job for the same price or cheaper


Answered 2nd Jul 2018

Everything is dependent on what specific look you want! Me personally as a stonemason(who can do brick and block as well), stone steps I would always choose asthetically!...
but there are many ways about this it can come under a number of categories of trades
You can have a concrete step nice and simple. If the shuttering is done right. And can be a finished surface.

Block/brick steps again easy to set out but wouldn't personally leave exposed cause they don't look so nice 😂 so then you could use any means of "cladding" for example stone treads and risers taking into consideration in your original measurements for heights of the risers as not too end up with steps too big to walk up!

Or if your willing you can have any amount of beautiful types of stone steps as long as it's hard wearing and weathers well. Doesn't get too slippery so on so forth there are many variables.

Between the two trades bricklayers and stonemasons it's again dependent on what you want done and how much you want too spend but either should suffice
Quite a vague answer but I hope it helps


Answered 17th Nov 2019

you might try groundworks as there may be slight excavation/demolition as well as building,regards Terry.


Answered 4th May 2011

I would put it under bricklaying , get one or 2 quotes for the job in hand , but remember the cheapest quote isn't always the best one


Answered 20th Jan 2019

I would use a bricklayer to do this job. Depending on what you want. Maybe a stonemason for the step


Answered 27th Jun 2022

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