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We had a new bathroom installed as part of a total refurbishment. The tilers were obviously not tilers, as the grouting broken up and come out on the floor in several places and the wall tiles were not only uneven but had too little grouting in places so that water in the shower stays in the grooves and doesn't run off. This is all in addition to a new wooden floor that is not fit for purpose. Should I get an independent surveyor to view this and make a report, and where do I find one (Edinburgh)? Many thanks.

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Sounds to me that the floor is moving,It might only be slightly but any movement/flex in the floor will cause the grout to crack.
Is the floor concrete or wooden floor boards, did they put ply-board on the floor prior to laying the floor if its on floorboard?

As for an inspection, I would just get a few Tiling companies to come and have a look and give you a cost for repairing/fixing the problems you have.You don't need a surveyor in my view.


Answered 29th Nov 2012

Adhesive and grout should be flexible on wooden floors, at least 9mm ply laid and screwed down with an anodised screw(non rusting). A reputable tiler or bathroom fitter could fix this for you


Answered 31st Dec 2012

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