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Seriously flawed new redwood flooring

The floor had to have quite large gaps filled after only a few weeks. Since then (2011), the flooring has split and separated dramatically, usually every 4-5 boards so that the area underneath is exposed, and the filler has cracked and come out. Many boards are also loose in places. The company admits the wood contained too much moisture and wants to plug these larger gaps with more filler. What happens when the floor expands in summer? I'm talking here about gaps of 1.5 cm. I am suspicious that this is another sticking plaster measure. It would be very time-consuming and costly to remove the skirting (rounded walls, etc.). Building is Grade II listed.

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Redwood is cheapest timber on market so you should have expected it,you should not plug it with more filler as it won't hold it in place cos gaps are too big.It's tough to say what exactly you should do right now as you need to investigate level of moisture at your property and most importantly never buy redwood again(even pine is better).

Kind reards, Shem


Answered 5th Dec 2012

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