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QuestionCondensation in double glazing - what are the solutions?

Just moved in to a house which has a number of windows with condensation between the glass panels. Can they be cleaned or do they require replacing? Thanks.

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If you have condensation between the glass (double glazing), it means your units have broken down, best to get a window fitter out to measure up for new units, he will need to remove a couple of beads to also measure thickness of glass.
Although some window firms have a device for this.


hi, re: double glazing condensation, the seals have broken and you will need to purchase new glass units to fit the original windows.


arrowsmiths building services 3rd May, 2011

the only way to cure this is to replace the glazing units, the frames will be o/k, post a job on this site and get several quotes from tradespeople in your location,regards Terry.

tm property services 3rd May, 2011

the glass units have failed unfortunately they will need to be replaced ( just the glass that is.)

Tony Coleman Roofing & Building 3rd May, 2011

There is a process that is proven to remove condensation from double glazed units, if you would like further information or web site address please let me know and I will forward it to you.

Enviro Property Solutions 3rd May, 2011

i am not an expert on double glazing condensation but i think you may need to replace these units ..not much help ..but good luck


The only solution is to replace the glass units. Many suppliers offer long guarantees on their windows so if you could find out when & who they were supplied by they may still be under guarantee.

KC Building Services 3rd May, 2011

hi ,if there is condensation in double glazing the seals on your units have gone or there is a small crack in the glass, either way you would probably be better off (and cheaper) replacing them.

frank thompson joinery&building services 3rd May, 2011


It does sound like the seals have gone on the units which means they will need replacing

Most companies do give a 5 year guarantee when they supply new double glazed units, I would check this. This covers when there is condensation in double glazing.

You can still get condensation on the units where they can still be ok this usually happens when clothes are being dried in a room when it is cold and wet outside.

You can get information from Pilkington K glass site just put in condensation and it will give you good information.

NPS Property Services

NPS Property services 16th May, 2011

we replace units of glass at reasonable rates see my feed back.
dont try to get the double glazing condensation repaired it is a waste of money.

Midas Installations Ltd 9th May, 2011

there are some companies out there that come out and clean the insides of the units and reseal but i find this more expensive than straight forward replacements. hope this helps.

A.J.R.G Building Services 3rd May, 2011

hi there are companies that can repair the units if there is condensation between the double glazing

creative carpentry & improvements 3rd May, 2011

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