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Builder wanting money for extras which weren't agreed

We have had our extension completed. There are a few snags to fix but overall we are happy with the job carried out and have paid the amount for the original job.

However, we have been presented with a list of extras totally 5k. Some of the extras on the list are ones which were discussed and agreed to (£1600), however others were not discussed at all and came as a complete surprise. We had a conversation with the builder before the job started and agreed with him that all extras would be discussed and agreed to before being carried out.

We have stated our case with the builder and even offered to pay another £1600 of the remaining disputed amount, however he is unwilling to move from his position. Surely it can't be right that he can carry out work without discussing it with us and then expect us to pay for this. I was going to site most days during my lunch, I would have expected him to tell me if what extras there were as he came across them. We could then have made the decision as to go ahead with them or not. Does anyone know where we stand legally?

We decided to offer him 50% of the extras, and he has accepted. We didn't want this hanging over us over the XMas period. It has really got to us and was effecting our daily lives. Thanks all for the advice, you live and learn I guess.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Extras are always to be discussed and agreed by both parties before anything goes ahead.
The only exception is to undertake immediate emergency work in the case of an unforeseen problem affecting the integrity of the building, and needing immediate attention in order to secure the situation. In these circumstances, you the customer would know about this soon enough anyway!
He is lucky you have offered £1600. That's very accommodating of you.
Let him take you to a small claims court. He will be paying your legals!!


Answered 30th Nov 2012

You do NOT have to pay this crumpet any more than the amounts agreed along the way.If he is stupid enough to plough on with extras without you agreeing then its his problem.


Answered 27th Nov 2012

Absolutely NOT If you hadn't agreed to the extras in question.
Im glad you was at least happy with the end result though.


Answered 28th Nov 2012

Any extras on a job should be quoted and agreed by both parties. There are always extras on extensions as things crop up as works progress but these need to be discussed, not just done and charged for at the end, especially at such a cost!! How can you possibly budget for the work with hidden extras like that?! I agree with the other guys, he took it upon himself to do the extras so he can pay for them!!!


Answered 28th Nov 2012

extras should be discussed and agreed before the builder carries the extra work out. this is standard practice i carry out with all my customers,


Answered 30th Nov 2012

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