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Recently plastered walls not straight. is that normal?

Hi, we've recently had the walls plastered in the kitchen, diner and a bedroom. When coming to fit the kitchen the walls are not straight, on asking the builder we've been told its our walls and they've only skimmed. If we've paid in excess of £1000 for the walls to be plastered and some bits of boxing in should the walls be straight? We're talking about 10-12mm difference where the worktop is being fitted to, a dip in the ceiling and uneven walls. Is that normal? Should we have got a straighter finish?

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it depends what you asked for or what your plasterer priced for .
Skimming is the term used for work done in plasterboard or on old walls when walls are in fair condition but unjustified to get the painter in as it will take time and wont be as good finish.. thats why when skimming is done..adding 2-3 mm and leaving a good finish for paint .

leveling walls in an old house is a tricky bussiness,,... if you ask for wall to be leveled, it may mean removing either skirtings or coving, it may affect door frame, sockets and switches,radiators....are you prepared to do this?

Advice should be given to clients when it comes to kitchen and bathroom walls as thats when problem like yours occour.
Not ideal, but can the kitchen fitter use his expertise to ''cheat'' on the walls? ie, add a 12 mm plywood on the top of the units? my main worry would be the area where the worktop goes as thats harder to deal with for the kitchen fitter not the vertical one


Answered 26th Nov 2012

If you only paid for plastering then your builder is correct.3mm of plaster will NOT straighten anything.£1000+ seems a lot of money for what you are describing though:)


Answered 26th Nov 2012

Re skimming walls is usually between 3-5mm in thickness where as leveling old walls or brickwork is a completely different task (not a problem) but more money depending on just how far out they are.


Answered 28th Nov 2012

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