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Water damaged ceiling needing old plaster removed, re-boarding, skimming and new cornicing.

I believe the ceiling is older plaster which is sagging, this will need removing and replacing.The ceiling isn't very high as it is a mid-terraced house in Macclesfield. The room dimension is 7.7ft high, 8.11 x 12.3 ft. I was hoping to get an idea of the cost of doing this. Thanks

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Your in the wrong forum,
You need to place your requirements in the Post a Job section.


Answered 4th May 2011

hi ..your best bet is to post the job on this site and get some local plasterers to come take a look say the ceiling needs to come down ,,this is messy and will add more cost to the job may be able to leave old plaster and board over the top ,,,as i say a good local plasterer will be able to advise ..good luck


Answered 4th May 2011

you have posted this on the wrong forum, post a job on the job sectioin to get quotes from tradespeople in your location,regards Terry.


Answered 4th May 2011

You may find if you search the tradesmen and post your job, you can find someone who is best suited to restoring the ceiling. Avoid anyone who is not going to remove the ceiling, as your new cornice needs fixing properly, and the ceiling will be best removed before this. Re boarded, the coving leveled, chimically and mechanically affixed and the ceiling levelled straight with the cornice and skimmed.

This is more of a restoration, so be careful who you chose or your ceiling will be wobbly, your cornince wonkey, and you will not feel as if you were best instructed to even have the work done.

An insurance restoration company will be better suited. They are versed in total room closure and extraction whilst removing the ceiling (kind of like when asbestos is removed) and the skill set to restore the ceiling to look as it would when it was first done all those years ago.

Cornice in it's basic form can be 15-65 pounds a linear meter. The sealing and extraction will cost easily around 150 plus a small skip at 60, etc etc plus someone who knows what they are doing and will give you a quality restoration will not be charging any less than 120 pounds a day, and it may take 5 days to complete the work to a high standard, plus all the other materials etc.

It may be worth contacting your insurers too, they have a list of contractors who can do the work if a claim is approved and you can request they appoint a contractor rather than you waste your time finding 3 quotes only for them to appoint thier contractors anyway.


Answered 14th May 2011

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