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Wet interior plaster walls

I have a bedroom in the eves of the loft, it is like a square box with one wall that is on the outer wall with a window and the two side walls are just plaster board with a stud wall into the landing with a door in it, the loft has been insulated but the walls that are the bedroom have not, the loft is not damp and there are no leaks from the roof but the bedroom walls are always wet and develop black and grey marks, I have washed the walls but it keeps on happening, I don't understand where the wet is coming from, HELP

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you will need to insulate the stud walls you mentioned, sounds like condensation is building up on the boards as they are a cold spot to the attic


Answered 26th Nov 2012

Like jd says , sounds definitely like condensation .
You have a conflict I interests with the heat in the loft ( probably from a heater ?) and the cold behind the walls . If you can try and get even just a little bit of insulation behind then that should solve it .
Thanks woody apex lofts


Answered 27th Nov 2012

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