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Laying new floor around a fitted kitchen?

We had a bad leak in our kitchen which went unnoticed for several days, during which time loads of water got under our kitchen floor. We now want to replace the lino flooring (actually, we have no choice since I ripped it badly when pulling out the washing machine). In any case the wood fibre underlay has warped from being soaked and then drying, so this needs replacing too.

We have a fitted kitchen, and I don’t like the idea of trying to pull the units out, laying the new floor then putting them back. Any ideas of a way around this? I can remove the bottom panels to get access under the kitchen units far enough to lay tiles so that they extend out of sight, but not all the way to the back wall.

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Hi, there is no need to remove the kitchen. Just remove the kick panels which will expose the front legs, tile up to the legs or raise each leg and tile underneath ( up to you ). Once you've tiled then measure the gap from the floor to the bottom of the units and that's the depth you'll need to cut the kick panels to.


Answered 24th Nov 2012

Hi, you can as suggested in you reply dated 24th. recover the floor but first check that the floor is still sound after the leak and it will support the extra weight of the new floor covering and the adhesive.

cheers, Bruce.


Answered 29th Dec 2012

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