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How to fix wet walls in a bathroom?

My bathroom is an extension that we've been told was built when they didn't put cavity in the walls so the walls get extremely wet in the winter when its cold, so much so its completely ruined the paintwork. We are getting a new bathroom & whilst we do this want to try and fix the problem. How do we go about doing this? Do we need a new layer or wall putting in? I'm really don't know where to start?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi there, I would advice to get professional who specialise in cavity walls insulation. You can find installers in your area if you read this article:
Hope that helps. Tom @ Tomson Building Services


Answered 25th Nov 2012

ideally yes you could build a new wall and thus creating the cavity.

Recently i was doing a roof for a builder and they had a similar problem, the council housing inspector told them to bitumen paint the walls and then fit insulation backed plasterboard.


Answered 30th Nov 2012

if you have the space out side , you can insulate on the out side then render the insulation, to create a warm wall effect, also install under floor heating to the walls and tile over this as well .


Answered 2nd Dec 2012

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