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Drive collapsing?

To my horror today I saw that overnight my blockpaving has collapsed around the manhole cover on my drive exposing a big hole underneath. The hole goes 2 feet down to a large pipe and another 2 feet or so under that. It looks as if the bricks were'nt resting on anythingI have another small manhole cover and can see some sinking of the bricks around that. Is my whole drive going to collapse? House built 4 years ago. I'm first owner and have had house for 2 years but only started parking car on drive a month ago. Big manhole cover is too heavy for me to move and I'm afraid it (or the surrounding bricks) will drop on the pipe. Elizabeth

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should still be covered by the house builders, contact them fist and see what they are willing to do, failing tha\t contact NHBC as it will still be under guarentee


Answered 23rd Nov 2012


As its a new house it would still be covered by the NHBC or Zurich who supply a ten year guarantee to cover the builders, who built it as they would have had insurance so you should be covered? In terms of the drive sinking, the drainage would have been installed first so its possible the drainage was not sat on enough pea shingle to prevent that from collasping or insufficient type 1 crushed stone was installed (minimum 6" for block paving and 50mm sand) and too much sand installed so it sunk as they may have been worried about compacting the area around the block paving if they were not knowledgeable.

George, The Garden Team, BSc Hons Construction Management 1st.


Answered 4th Dec 2012

Hi your house will still be coverd under the nhbc some times when you see a driveway sinking it means they might not have compacted the subbase correctly if i was you i would contact the house builders your driveway should still be under guarantee


Answered 10th Feb 2017

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