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hi i have some painters in at the moment.
bless them they have a tough job as they are painting newly not so well plastered walls.
some parts of some walls have pva on them. the painters have used watered down paint to start with and now have done about 5 layers on them but the areas where the pva was on have got cracks showing.
they have tried filling in the areas with two in one, and repainted but the cracks have come through again.

what next he has said he is going to get the paint with the filler inside it and patch paint on areas where the cracks are then paint over them areas again with the normal paint he is using. he is using glidden paint.
apparently its good paint as we have been told. any advice on what to do next? and if he only patches some of the areas with the paint with filler inside it and then paint over with normal paint again are we gonna be able to see patches.

ok so he couldnt get the paint with the filler inside it, so he is going to fill the cracks with filler and then paint over it again.

by the way we are getting everything painted white.

thanks in advance.

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The question you should be asking is WHO put the pva on and WHY ??? also why did you let the plasterer get away with bad plastering and Please Please tel me you did NOT pay. I get really annoyed when a customer tells me the paid to get rid of them. and for your so called Painters they should Know what to do.
Should have took it off sand paper and hard work does the trick.
But its probably too late in the day for now so coat it all with a good quality oil based undercoat (Dulux / Crown) thinned out with approximately 10% white spirit. leave over night to dry properly and apply 2 coats of emulsion job done.
The emulsion will take a lot longer to dry with it been on oil but it will work.
And for future reference the paint with filler in it is made by Polycell and is called BaseCoat or Crack-Free Ceilings depending on where you are using it.
Also Gliddens paints is not bad but you can't beat Dulux Or Crown.
40 years experienced Decorator. Hope this helps Tom.


Answered 23rd Nov 2012

pva is not a problem on walls , its is used a lot as a sealer . glidden paint is a cheap paint made by ici dulux. two in one filler whats that.
If your walls are that bad why dont you crossline them and then paint with dulux or crown trade paint.


Answered 23rd Nov 2012

100% sound advise from T.M Decor, why the heck do people think PVA is the answer to seal bare plaster, I'm still shaking my head - Its GLUE!!


Answered 24th Nov 2012

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